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Xline DateAscendingPhotosetTagged
04-APR-1890St Georges Pics-
03-MAR-1900D And T To Stonehouse-
07-JUL-1935At Building-
05-MAY-1944Khs Reports 1-
05-JAN-1953Background Info Hitchens Corr-
01-MAR-1972 Xc Runners And Athletes-
12-APR-1972Study Again-
01-JUL-1973Mothers A Jumble Sale-
01-JUN-19741974 Bethgelert-
01-JUN-1974Bethgelert Snowdon Etc 1974 I ThinkJason Slack 1998,Naseem Ansari 1981,Robbie Penn 1978
11-OCT-1974218609 VariousPeter Mcintosh 1978
01-APR-1975 Classroom-
15-APR-1975Wasdale Langdale-
15-JUN-1975Camp In Black Mountains Stuart Macintosh Came-
01-JUL-1975Kitchen Building-
01-JUL-1975Ar Denstone-
14-APR-1976BeddgelertAndrew Shaw 1978,Jamie Penn 1978,Johnny Prichard 1978,Robbie Penn 1978,Tim Hall 1978,Wallace Brown 1978
01-OCT-19766n Hall Molyneux Etc-
01-APR-1977Adam A Cove Backpackers-
12-MAY-1977Cricket From 113751a-
22-MAY-1977Black Mountains-
01-DEC-19776nNigel Bec 1978
01-FEB-19781978 Winter Wasdale-
31-MAR-1978Some Pics Of B Mntn Bpak W S Mcintosh-
01-APR-1978Langdale With Mr Shore-
05-APR-1978Langdale Same Year Prob-
01-MAY-1978By Grwyne Fawr Res-
01-MAY-1978Wasdale Langdale 1-
01-MAY-1978A Football Match-
01-MAY-1978A Xc And Athletics-
01-MAY-1978Wasdale To Langdale-
01-MAY-1978Langdale W Oliver-
01-MAY-1978Men At Work-
01-MAY-1978A Jumble Sale-
01-MAY-1978Langdale With Oliver-
01-MAY-1978For Nijole-
01-MAY-1978 Misc People-
01-MAY-1978Bethgelert Harlech EtcNigel Stokes 1978
01-MAY-1978Rodney Stoke-
01-MAY-1978Winter Camp In Lakes Hancock Pannell Meeks Etc-
01-MAY-1978Very Hot In The Black Mnts-
01-MAY-1978Whitsun In Mendips-
01-MAY-1978Bronllys Brecon-
01-MAY-1978Xc Mem Pk And Elsewhere-
01-MAY-1978Bronllys-Brecon Beacons 1976-
01-JUN-19781978 June Camp-
12-JUN-19781978 June Camp Ebbor Gorge-
01-JUL-1978Fathers Match 1-
02-JUL-1978Sports DayGreg Deeley 1978,Mark Glazey 1978,Simon Bowkett 1978,Stephen Castens 1978
15-MAY-1979Practice Camp-
01-MAY-1980C. 1980 Langdale - The Pilchers-
01-JUN-1982Ramble On-
20-JUL-1982Walking Pics Recalcitrant-
01-APR-20151975 Langdale- Wasdale-
05-OCT-2015Test of Psurl-
06-OCT-201570sAndrew Shaw 1978,Jamie Penn 1978,Robbie Penn 1978,Tim Hall 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set2Jason Slack 1998,Naseem Ansari 1981,Robbie Penn 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set3Nigel Stokes 1978,Richard Molyneux 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set4-
06-OCT-201570s Set5-
06-OCT-201570s Set6Simon Bowkett 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set7Jamie Penn 1978,Johnny Prichard 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set8-
06-OCT-201570s Set9Mark Glazey 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set10Andrew Shaw 1978,Jamie Penn 1978,Robbie Penn 1978,Tim Hall 1978,Wallace Brown 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set11-
06-OCT-201570s Set12Greg Deeley 1978,Stephen Castens 1978
06-OCT-201570s Set13-
06-OCT-201570s Set14-
06-OCT-201570s Set15-
06-OCT-2015Cricket TagsetRichard Molyneux 1978
06-OCT-2015Cricket Tagset Set2-
06-OCT-2015Camps TagsetAndrew Shaw 1978,Jamie Penn 1978,Nigel Stokes 1978,Robbie Penn 1978,Tim Hall 1978
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 2Jason Slack 1998,Naseem Ansari 1981,Robbie Penn 1978
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 3Jamie Penn 1978,Johnny Prichard 1978
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 4-
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 5Andrew Shaw 1978,Jamie Penn 1978,Robbie Penn 1978,Tim Hall 1978,Wallace Brown 1978
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 6-
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 7-
06-OCT-2015Camps Tagset 8-
06-OCT-2015Running Tagset-
06-OCT-201580s TagsetGreg Deeley 1978,Mark Glazey 1978,Stephen Castens 1978
06-OCT-201580s Tagset 2Simon Bowkett 1978
06-OCT-201550s Tagset-
06-OCT-201540s Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Edwardian Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Victorian Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Characters Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Characters Tagset 2-
07-OCT-2015Theman Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Building Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Building Tagset 2-
07-OCT-2015Rugby Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Football Tagset-
07-OCT-2015X Countryrunning Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Athletics TagsetGreg Deeley 1978,Mark Glazey 1978,Simon Bowkett 1978,Stephen Castens 1978
07-OCT-2015Group Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Vehicles TagsetJason Slack 1998,Naseem Ansari 1981,Robbie Penn 1978
07-OCT-2015Jopancesters Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Playground TagsetPeter Mcintosh 1978
07-OCT-2015Pupils Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Practice Camps Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Langdale Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Langdale Tagset 2-
07-OCT-2015Winter Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Summer Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Coventry Walk Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Fathers Match Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Landscape Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Oxford Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Lower School Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Girls Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Adam A Cove Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Trees Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Mem Park Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Ardens Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Bethelgert TagsetAndrew Shaw 1978,Jamie Penn 1978,Jason Slack 1998,Johnny Prichard 1978,Naseem Ansari 1981,Robbie Penn 1978,Tim Hall 1978,Wallace Brown 1978
07-OCT-2015Lake District Tagset-
07-OCT-2015KHS Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Black Mnts Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Black Mnts Tagset 2-
07-OCT-2015Brecon Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Organ Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Exmoor Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Favourite TagsetJason Slack 1998,Naseem Ansari 1981,Robbie Penn 1978
07-OCT-2015Mendips Tagset-
07-OCT-20156x Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Nature Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Wasdale Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Church Tagset-
07-OCT-20156n TagsetNigel Bec 1978
07-OCT-2015Gower Tagset-
07-OCT-2015Mothers Tagset-
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